Life can be a trip.

Prince McCoy has found himself almost to the middle of age, but definitely to the end of his rope. Losing his home, his current girlfriend of the week and his father all at the same time, he decides to go out with a bang and drive across the country to rob his hometown bank. Relying on the help of an 88-year-old hitchhiker named Carl to make the journey possible, Prince finds one man's past is on a collision course with the other man's future that all will take place in a small bank in Apple Seed, Vermont.

Written and Directed by Michael Worth


Rance Howard, Michael Worth, Esther Anderson, Clint Howard,

Dasha Chadwick, Sarah De La Isla with Adrienne Barbeau and Robby Benson


Produced by Avi Bar-Lev, Jody Marriott Bar-Lev, Dustin RikertMichael Worth





Button and Reel Entertainment


Grizzly Peak Films